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Welcome to the Fab@Home Materials Page

This page lists a number of materials that can be used with a Model 1 1-Syringe Tool, and similar deposition tools.

Safety Warning

Warning: While some materials like silicone and playdough may be benign, other materials may be hazardous, toxic, carcinogenic, or flammable. Please carefully consider the following before using any inedible materials:

  • Always follow safety and handling instructions that are provided with any material.
  • Some materials, such as epoxy, release heat as they cure and can spontaneously combust if mixed in too large of a batch.
  • Always download and read the Materials Safety Data Sheet for any new material, or any material you might be using in an unusual way. Check the manufacturer's or vendor's websites or reference sites, such as MSDS Online for MSDS's for materials you plan to use.
  • Be sure to use appropriate personal protective equipment when working with hazardous materials, including eye, face, hand, body and respiratory protection as needed. See a reference site, such as this one for advice on protective equipment.
  • Be sure to dispose of material carefully and in accordance with EPA regulations (in the USA), or the waste disposal regulations in your country.

Links to Materials Pages

To create a new materials page, please use the Materials Data template so that we can maintain consistent formatting. Create a new page tag for your material in the normal fashion using the double square bracket notation and the namespace "Materials:", e.g. [[Materials:MyMaterial|MyMaterial]]. Once you have added this tag to the appropriate category of materials below, save this page. Now, copy the raw wiki text from the Material Data page template, and return to this page. Click the link to your new material page to edit it. Paste the wiki text from the template into your page, edit the names and fill in the sections with your information. Save your page. View your page, and then click the image and file links to upload your images and files.

Ultraviolet Curing Materials


Edible Materials

Electrically Conductive Composite Materials

Metallic Materials

Thermoplastic (Meltable) Polymers

Thermoset Polymers

Dispensing Components

In order to use your Fab@Home Model 1 with a Model 1 1-Syringe Tool, you will need to obtain some disposable syringes, pistons, and needles/nozzles. The following parts are the recommended starter set for use with the Model 1 1-Syringe Tool:

Recommended Dispensing Components

LineCategoryPartQty RequiredUnitQty/PackageOrder QtyVendorPart NumberDetails
1DispensingSyringe Barrel30Each301Nordson EFD701211210cc clear polyethylene syringe barrel; luer tip
2DispensingSyringe Piston; Neoprene; 10cc30Each301Nordson EFD7017871Black neoprene rubber pistons for use with 10cc syringe barrels
3DispensingSyringe Tip Sampler Kit1Each11Nordson EFD7013229A kit with a wide variety of different tips; tip caps; end caps; some other piston types

Nordson EFD Catalogs


Name URL/Contact Category Detail
Nordson EFD (formerly EFD, Inc.) EFD Components, 1(800) 556-3484, 1(401) 431-7000 Fluid Dispensing Equipment and Supplies Syringe barrels, pistons, nozzles and needles; complete dispensing systems
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