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Welcome to the Fab@Home Firmware Page

Firmware is the software which is run by the microcontroller embedded in (mounted on the back of) your Fab@Home fabber. The firmware and the Fab@Home application need to know how to communicate so that the application running on your PC can tell the fabber what to make, and the microcontroller can tell the application how far along it is, and whether there are any problems. From this page, you can access all the different versions of the firmware that are currently available.

Fab@Home Model 2 Firmware

The Model 2 Firmware is preloaded on the snap motors and snap hub.

Fab@Home Model 1 Firmware

This version of firmware is for the standard Model 1 Fab@Home machine, and is targeted for the LPC-H2148 microcontroller. To find more information about the Model 1 Firmware, see:

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