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Welcome to the Fab@Home Electronics Page

Here you will learn about all of the variants of the electronics that can be used on the various Fab@Home fabbers.

Fab@Home Model 2 Electronics

The Model 2.0 uses snap motors by JrKerr. These motors are wired entirely via Cat5 cables. Using the same system I/0 Boards and Stepper motors can be added to the systems Fab@Home:Model 2 Electronics Extensions

Fab@Home Model 1 Electronics

Model 1 Standard Electronics

The Fab@Home Model 1 standard electronics package includes:

  • An LPC-H2148 Microcontroller, the brain of the Model 1, with a USB connection to your personal computer
  • A Xylotex 4-Axis stepper motor amplifier, to provide the power and control signals to the motors which move the Model 1
  • A Winford Engineering DB-25 breakout board, which simplifies the connections between the amplifier board and the microcontroller
  • Various cables

Learn more about the standard Model 1 Electronics:

Model 1 Electronics Variants

Please link to your variations on the Model 1 standard electronics from here.

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