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Welcome to the Fab@Home Awards Page

On this page you can see the greatest achievers and achievements in fabbing (@home). Please see the Contstruction Challenges and the Fabbing Challenges pages for a list of outstanding challenges or to pose a new challenge. If you have an idea of how we can fairly evaluate who deserves an award, please suggest it here or to Evan Malone. We are going to be purchasing some Fab@Home T-shirts as rewards for the great achievements in fabbing.

Fabbing Awards

The Fab@Home Award in Fabbing recognizes the greatest achievements in the use of fabbers.

May 2007

October 2006

  • Fabber: Evan Malone, of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
  • Challenge Met: Tallest Structure 314 layers, 3.71" (94.2mm)
  • Evidence: Silicone Squeeze Bottle
  • Judges: Evan Malone
  • Reward: Evan has won the honor of finishing the Model 1 Assembly Instructions!!!!
  • Congrats: Evan great job. We just got a box from HSI. {M.Ganter}

Fabber Design and Construction Awards

The Fab@Home Award in Design and Construction recognizes the greatest contributions to the invention, design, cost reduction, documentation, and construction of fabbers and supporting technologies.

December 2006

I nominate Scott Rewinkel, Jackie Wu, and Mark Ganter of University of Washington for their polycarbonate Model 1 - any seconds?

Fab@Home Award Prizes

If you have some ideas for prizes and other cool Fab@Home stuff, please post it here.

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