The Project

What is it?

The Fab@Home Project is an open-source mass-collaboration developing personal fabrication technology aimed at bringing personal fabrication to your home. Members include those who use their abilities to develop novel hardware, software and uses for digital fabricators and those who simply use it to make unique items. The Community includes hundreds of engineers, inventors, artists, students, and hobbyists across six continents. Engage with the community by participating in our blogs and forums


Hod Lipson and Evan Malone of the Cornell University Computational Synthesis Laboratory began Fab@Home project in 2006. Within one year, the Fab@Home website received 17,000,000 hits and the project received a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award. For a more in-depth history, check out the Archived News and Project History pages of the wiki

What's the big deal?

Personal fabrication devices allow people to manufacture custom objects on-demand. Imagine a world in which a meal, a replacement part a customized toy, and nearly any other conceivable object is just a few clicks away. No shipping delays, no reliance on a few producers with locks on distribution channels, no more settling for un-customized products - just click and print. Just as the current digital revolution allows anyone to make, sell, or buy virtual items, the next phase of the digital revolution will allow anyone to make sell, or buy fully functional objects. For visions of our future, visit the blogs forum, and YouTube Channel

What's next?

A new focus on strengthening communication within the community: wiki, blogs , forums , newsletters, and targeted emails.
Expanding network of collaborators.