Eight and Four Valve Tool

Waldo - Posted on 07 December 2010

The Fab@Home now has the hardware capability to print eight or four materials in a single print without changing syringes. Thanks to the use of servos instead of snap motors, I was able to make an eight valve tool that measures only about 13.5 cm by 10 cm. Compared to the old four valve tool, the new eight valve tool has much more build space.

For those who only want four materials, I made a similar four valve tool.

We are starting to make designs for servo based electronics for the Fab@Home which will allow the use of these tools.

What do you use for the pressure supply for the valve tool? Is it possible to extrude something as viscous as silicone or playdoh with the valve tool?

We used the old valve tool at up to 100psi. At around 80 psi you can print silicone and playdoh

Will the new servo be as durable as the old?

The servo doesnt work very hard, so it should last as long as any other application of a hobby servo