Best Electric Cooler of 2017

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Best Electric Cooler for Camping
Best Electric Cooler for Car
Best Mini Fridge
Best 12 V Electric Cooler
Best Small Electric Cooler
Best Igloo Electric Cooler

Electric coolers are improved ice coolers. Unlike traditional ice chests, these electric coolers will keep your food cold for as long as you keep it plugged. Most of these coolers operate at 12V, which makes them perfect for use in car and boat. You can take these coolers with you on camping and picnics.

Some of the best electric coolers have both cooling and heating feature. It makes your life easy when you are on the road. You can switch between these two modes depending on the weather and the nature of food you put in the cooler. Some coolers come with accessories such as cup holders and side zippers.

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When you are shopping for an electric cooler, be sure to check features and match them with your needs. If you need a cooler for a large group, look at its capacity. If you need something portable and smart, sacrifice capacity for size. Similarly, if you need a cooler that would work just like your home fridge, look at coolers with professional grade compressors.

Finding the right electric cooler could become tough, especially when you have so many options to choose from. To make this easy for you, we have reviewed some of the best electric coolers in the market. Explore these reviews below and pick a cooler based on your needs.

Best Electric Cooler for Camping

1. Dometic CFX-65DZUS Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator/Freezer – 61 Liters

You may go anywhere with the rugged body design Domestic CFX-65DZUS. It is equipped with the efficient cooling appliances and innovative technology. You can add it to boat, truck, or car. After purchasing Domestic refrigerator, you don’t have to carry ice along with you when going to picnics, tailgating, or camping. Removable wire basket can be easily attached to the cooling compartment.

It requires 12/24-volt DC or 120-volt AC, so you can move it seamlessly from vehicle to home. It offers electronic thermostat with LED display of temperature. Space saving handles make it easy to place it in the car or truck. It contains energy saving LED interior light. The detachable lids and hinges are made of stainless steel.

You can recharge other electronic devices through its USB port. Moreover, it offers removable baskets with dividers for easy cleaning and practical storage. You can set temperature from minus 8F to plus 50F, or minus 22C to plus 10C; so you can use it as a freezer and refrigerator at the same time. It is ideal for the heavy duty trucks that remain on the roads for many hours.

It provides efficient performance and extreme cooling even in the harshest conditions. It is great for the people who love and spend lots of their time on boating or camping. Soft touch and digital control make it easier to adjust the cooling temperature as per requirements.

Are you looking for a thermoelectric cooler to save money and time when you are on the road? Then consider it an ideal selection. Dometic CFX-65DZUS refrigerator can meet all of your requirements. It will give you the same cooling as you get from the regular home refrigerator. However, it will consume less electricity due to its efficient power management systems. It will make your trips and picnics more joyful when you will be with your friends or family.


  • Capacity of 61 Liters or 60 cans of 12 Ounce each
  • 22.1 H x 17.9 W x 28.5 L
  • 51 Pounds weight

Best Electric Cooler for Car

2. Koolatron 18 qt. Compact Cooler

The Koolatron 18 qt. Compact Cooler is designed to fit between the front seats. You can place it in the SUVs or minivans to go anywhere. Due to its slim body, it adjusts perfectly between the front seats. You can easily give it the power through the 12V cigarette lighter outlet of your car. You can place 23 12-ounce cans in it. Rugged body design allows you to carry it everywhere. The latchless lid makes the opening easier so you can open it with a hand during the drive.

It is designed for the modern lifestyle particularly if you constantly spend your time on the road, then consider 2 Koolatron 18 qt. is made for you. It will keep your drinks and snacks cool for a long time without the use of ice. It is designed to fit in the tight spaces of your car. The technology of the Koolatron Coller has replaced the traditional ice chests. It is ideal for tailgating, boating, camping, excursions and road trips. You may also place it in the room as an extra fridge at the home since people call Koolatron Cooler technology more sophisticated than a home refrigerator. It takes less power than the parking lights of the car. You will not require to stock up on ice after every few hours to keep your beverages and food cool for a long time.

Once it is plugged in the 12-volt outlet, it starts cooling the contents up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the outside temperature. For instance, if it is 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside then the beverages and food will remain at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the people want to know whether the thermoelectric coolers and refrigerators are environmentally friendly or not. The answer is yes; 2 Koolatron 18 qt. does not make any noise or heats up the surrounding when working. Moreover, it does not emit any ozone-damaging gases, such as chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons. It works differently than the home refrigerator because it does not use any traditional compressor.


  • Plugs directly into car’s 12V outlet
  • Contents remain 40 degrees F cooler than external temperature
  • Compact and slim design is ideal for cars and minivans

Best Mini Fridge

3. Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer 4 Liter: AC/DC Portable Cooler

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and warmer is an amazing cooler for your home. It has a small size and yet it can accommodate 4 liters, or in other words, it has the internal capacity for 6 cans.

The best feature of Cooluli Mini fridge electric cooler and warmer is that it has a thermoelectric system which is both AC and DC portable.
It also has an exclusive on the go USB power Bank option that enables it to work everywhere. You can plug it in your car using the standard car power jack or use a USB power cable to make this cooler work. Once plugged, it easily does the job of the best electric cooler for car.

With its state of the art cooling system and advanced PCB technology salient and efficient fan, it keeps things cool for a very long time. You can take this cooler with you on your week-long picnics and adventure trips. Those who spend a lot of time in their car on the road would also find this cooler to be extremely handy. They will always have a fridge in their car where they can keep their food cold/warm depending on the weather outside.

Its beautiful white color gives it extra appeal and attraction. You can put it in your car without worrying yourself over aesthetics. This cooler looks great whether you put it on the car backseat or decide to replace your standard console with it.

With its light weight of 4.1lbs, it is perfect to use while camping, picnicking, fishing trips, beach trips, in college dorm rooms, cars, and trucks etc. It’s super easy to move. You can take this portable cooler anywhere with you. Even kids can lift it with its light weight.


  • Easy to operate
  • Switch from heating to cooling using a simple switch
  • You can place up to 12 cans in this cooler
  • AC/DC power options make it versatile
  • USB power option
  • Beautiful design and solid construction

Best 12 V Electric Cooler

4. Wagan 12V Cooler/Warmer, 24L Capacity

Wagan Cooler has a 24L capacity. This 12V cooler is also a warmer. You can use this cooler as a warmer as well so it’s very handy the winter as well. You can put anywhere between 20 and 27 cans in this cooler depending on their size and the way you arrange them.

Apart from cans, you also have the option to put 2L bottles into this electric water cooler. You stand put at least four bottles, standing vertically to avoid any water leakage. The cooler can maintain a temperature of 32 degrees F below ambient temperature. That means whatever you put in this cooler will remain cool. Simply plug it in your car battery power socket and you will enjoy chilled drinks throughout the year.

You can use this cooler as a warmer during the winter. It heats up your food to 140 degrees Fahrenheit So it’s easy to go on long trips as your food and drinks will stay warm even when it’s freezing outside. You don’t have to eat cold food on your winter camping trips anymore. Just plug this cooler in your car’s power socket and it will keep your food warm.

This electric cooler from Wagan is our best 12V electric cooler because of its ease of use. It comes with a simple temperature setting. You can either set it for cool o for hot. The switch is easy to operate and it has indicator lights that make it easy for you to see whether your cooler is operating at cool or warm mode.

This cooler is great for family’s entire picnic. You can use it for lunch or dinner when camping. It’s great for road trips and for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. But these are not the only uses of this electric cooler. It’s also handy for elders who want to keep medicine cool when traveling. Since this cooler is CFC-free, it’s safe.


  • 12V cooler/warmer
  • Cool and warm setting
  • Heating temperature is 140 degrees F and cooling temperature is 36 degree F below room temperature
  • Efficiently stores your item
  • Great for car and home use
  • Huge capacity that makes it perfect for an entire family
  • Easy to operate temperature switch
  • Indicator lights on the back of the unit
  • CFC free

5. ARB Fridge Freezer – 82 Quart

The ARB 10800782 Fridge Freezer is the best electric cooler for camping because of its massive capacity, portability, and ease of use. This cooler and mini fridge can hold up to 120 cans. Now that’s some serious capacity. You can take a whole lot of people with you on an adventure and take their food in this camping cooler. It will hold all the drinks and snacks that you want to be with you on your trip.

This fridge and freezer from ARB is one of the best in this category. It can maintain a zero degree temperature when using it in the vehicle. It means you can travel for days, without worrying about spoiled food and non-chilled drinks.

Since this cooler is specifically manufactured for those who enjoy long trips and stay on the road for weeks, it has a unique system to continue cooling even when the vehicle is switched off. However, the cooler will stay in ECO mode and it will automatically switch off when it senses low battery. This feature ensures that the cooler never runs down your car battery.

This cooler by ARB comes with two power options. You have the standard DC power outlet that’s easy to connect with the car’s standard power outlet. You also have AC power cable with this fridge. You can use this power option when you want to plug the cooler into a standard household power outlet. You will have an AC power outlet at home.

ARB fridge freezer is superior to the traditional 12-V coolers. It’s a true refrigerator and works like a ‘real’ fridge. Unlike the other coolers in the market, this one actually works thanks to a powerful Danfoss compressor.

Many other 12-V coolers in the market use substandard compressors that don’t really do the work when outside temperature is high. The Danfoss compressor used in this unit is one of the best freezer compressors. Because of this compressor and the advanced cooling technology used in this unit, you can get ‘true’ zero degrees Fahrenheit temperature inside the cooler.

This unit has a heavy-duty construction that means it will stay with you for years to come. It’s manufactured by keeping travelers and adventurers in the mind so it will resist harsh weather and long traveling. It has durable hinge system that ensures the cooler lid stays tight and in its place even after years of use.


  • AC/DC power options
  • Danfoss high-quality compressor can maintain 0 degrees Fahrenheit inside the unit
  • High-grade construction
  • Huge capacity – one of the largest portable coolers in the market
  • LED display makes it easy to use
  • Easy to operate and set the desired temperature
  • Separate compartments for different food types

Best Small Electric Cooler

6. BLACK and DECKER Portable 12V DC Travel Cooler / Warmer, 2.3 Gallon Capacity

The Black and Decker TC212B Portable cooler is one of the best electric coolers for you if you are looking for a small cooler that can fit into your car without having to take out a passenger. This cooler uses DC power and operates on 12V, which makes it perfect for a car.

This cooler from Black and Decker can cool down its contents up to 40 degrees F below the outside temperature. Since this cooler comes with a heating function, you can easily heat up contents to 120 degrees F. Using this cooler is easy as it comes with a heating/cooling switch. All you have to do to change the mode is to flip the switch.

You don’t need a power adapter or anything else to use this cooler. Simply plug its cable to your standard 12-V car power supply. You can also do the same when using this cooler in a boat. You can put this cooler on the car seat or simply put it on your boat’s floor. Since this cooler is really small, it’s easy to rest it on a hatch or tailgate as well. Its size makes it an ideal portable partner for travelers and those who stay on the road for long.

Since this cooler is made with travelers in mind, it has a very handy accessory pouch on the side. You can store anything here that you want to take out without having to open the fridge. The cooler also has two cup holders that make it an ideal cooler for car/boat.
Remember, this cooler will take a few hours before it can warm your food when you switch it from the cold mode. So don’t try to use it as an oven.

It doesn’t work like that. The average time to switch to effective indoor temperature is three hours for this 12-V electric cooler. If you want to make the most of this cooler, use it properly. To enjoy cold items, make sure you cool down the contents before you put them in this chest. If you the contents are not already cold, the cooler will take a long time to cool them down. But if you put in cold food, it will stay cold even if you have just turned on the cooler.


  • 12-V cooler/warmer
  • Small and portable
  • Great for car/boat
  • Easy to use
  • Two can holders
  • Comes with a side zipper

Best Igloo Electric Cooler

7. Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler, 40 quart

The Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler is among the best electric coolers from this company. It has a 40-quart capacity which means you can pack food for a large group for a week-long trip. It’s perfect for adventure and for those who spend a lot of time on the road. Put your lunch in it or take drinks with you on your next hike. They will stay as cold as you want.

This cooler is made of polypropylene, which means it will easily maintain inside temperature even when the outside temperature is noticeably high. This material offers excellent insulation so minimal heat flows out or inside the unit.

This cooler, like most other coolers in this list, has a 12-V DC plug adapter. You can plug this cooler directly into your car’s 12/24V supply outlet. It’s that easy to use.

When you pre-cool the contents of this cooler, it will keep them cold for as long as you keep the cooler plugged into a power supply. It has the ability to give you 38 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient temperature. Just make sure you don’t open the lid every other minute as this cooler uses convection cooling. It blows cold air into the cooler that ensures all items cool quickly.

This is a versatile cooler from Igloo. You can put it upright and use it as a refrigerator. Alternatively, you can turn it into an ice chest by simply placing it horizontally. Since it has adjustable shelves, it takes only a minute to fit your food/ice in this cooler.


  • 12-V electric cooler
  • Reliable brand
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Uses convection cooling system to keep your food items cold

8. Whynter FM-45G 45-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer, Platinum

The Whynter Portable cooler has a 45-quart capacity. This is enough for a whole group of people going out on an adventure together. Since this is a portable cooler, you can put it in your car and take it with you when going camping.

This cooler can work both as a freezer and a cooler/refrigerator. It comes with two power options i.e. AC and DC. You get the AC power cord as well as DC power cord with the package when you buy the cooler.

Unlike some other portable coolers in the market, this cooler from Whynter can cool food instantly. You don’t have to wait for hours before you can enjoy chilled drinks. Just set the cooler to ‘fast freeze’ mode, wait a few minutes, and you will have freezer contents cooled to -8 degrees Fahrenheit.

This cooler has excellent insulation that runs through its lids and walls. This ensures that the temperature is easily maintained inside the unit.


  • Fast freeze feature cools down the freezer contents instantly
  • Works as a freezer and as a refrigerator
  • 45-quart capacity makes it ideal for a large group
  • Adjustable temperature
  • LED display

9. Dometic CF-018-D65-B 19 Quart DC Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

It contains the most reliable compressor of Dometic. All appliances of this freezer function efficiently that you might expect from any ideal cooling unit. It requires a power of 35 watts only and can be plugged in the 12/24-volt DC. It has slim size as well as you can find down the handles after placing in the car. You can take your freezer along where ever you go. If you like fishing or traveling, then it would be an ideal choice for you that is not solely lightweight but also very energy efficient. You will get the freezer in the size that perfectly fits in your car.

The secure top lid lock keeps the contents of freezer cooler for a longer time. You can adjust the variable of electronic thermostat from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It runs extremely quiet yet performs efficiently. Sturdy Carrying makes its handling easier so you can keep your drinks along when going for a picnic or long drive. It contains superb energy management systems that meet all needs of customers. The solar panel is suitable for operation when it is away from the car, that’s why it is ideal for the people who love fishing or enjoy picnics. The body is made with the high-quality exterior that provides it resistant against weather and makes it durable. You can store up to 23 cans of 12 oz. in this cooling unit. Dometic’s portable freezer has made it possible to take your beverages and other drinks with you when going for a picnic or long drive.

It does not produce any vibration when working; less vibration not solely keep the drinks fresh but the driver also feels no irritation during the ride. It remains silent that you may forget it is placed in the car. You can use it as a home refrigerator to reduce the electricity bill. As far as capacity is concerned, you can easily store drinks and food of all family members. It is ideal for the people who want to buy an economically priced refrigerator.


  • 110V AC or 12/24V DC
  • LED electronic thermostat with touch buttons
  • 2 years warranty by the manufacturer

10. Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler 26-Quart

The Igloo Iceless 26 quart is an ultimate solution for the people who want to keep their beverages and food cooler for a long time. It is ideal for placing in the car to avoid the mess and inconvenience of ice. Colling performance gets power by the thermoelectric technology. Due to which, it cools down the contents 36F below the outside temperature. You can plug it directly into the cigarette lighter or any other 12V outlet. Brushless motor and convection cooling keep food and beverages cool for a long time.

The advantages of a thermoelectric cooler over a traditional cooler are so many. The people who spend lots of their time in vehicle consider it an essential tool for daily life. You can provide it power from the battery of your vehicle by plugging it directly into the cigarette lighter outlet. So, it not only takes low power but also provides the best results. People love Igloo Iceless since they are not messy as regular coolers. After storing your food, you do not need to worry about the cooling. You will find the food items fresh and cooler beyond your expectations. It is ideal for the businessmen, truck drivers, and all of the people who stay on the road for the maximum hours of the day. You can take it along when going to your favorite fishing hole as well as during the adventures of camping and picnics.

You can store drinks and food contents that might be sufficient for the entire day. You may store diverse drink collections and food items in it due to its larger storage capacity. There are so many thermoelectric refrigerators are available in the market that it becomes a hassle to pick the right one.


  • 8 feet long freezer provides sufficient space for storing food and drinks
  • Can be plugged into any 12V DC outlet
  • Easy to carry

11. Wagan EL6214 12V Personal Cooler/Warmer – 14 Liter Capacity

It is an essential tool for the people who gets thirsty or hungry when driving their car. It is ideal for anyone who spends maximum hours of the day in vehicles as well as for the families who love road trips. You will be enjoying food and drinks on the go without stopping at food joints. So, save time and money by giving some place to this cooler in your vehicle. You can switch to hot or cold options according to your food. It is plugged into the 12V outlet so you may use the cigarette lighter outlet for giving it the required power. You can store up to 12 soda cans because it holds 14 Liter capacity.

You can simply place it on the floor of your car. Then plug the adapter into the 12V outlet of the vehicle. You can choose the hot or cold options by sliding the switch up or down. The switch is available on the backside of the cooler. If you cold setting, the contents of cooler will fall down approximately 32-36F below the outside temperature. If you selected hot setting, the interior temperature will rise up to 140F. You can pre-chill the drinks and food items to assist the refrigerator to reach the lowest temperature in the real time.

Some fundamental features must be taken into account seriously while selecting a thermoelectric cooler for your vehicle. The storage capacity should be sufficient enough to meet your all needs regarding drinks and food items. Perfect temperature is, indeed, a major consideration of the customers who love chilled drinks. It is equipped with a soft touch temperature control where you can adjust the settings according to your need.


  • It allows the driver to move on without stopping again and again for getting food and drinks.
  • You can store up to 12 soda cans in it, extra space for food items
  • The cold, hot or off switch is equipped with indicator lights so you can easily view the temperature mode.