Steampunk Printer

dan.sheiner - Posted on 16 March 2011

The Fab@Home personal fabricator will one day change the world, and will look good doing it. When one pictures a 3D printer an intricate machine of plastic and metal comes into the mind’s eye. A functional device, though, can also be beautiful. A personal fabricator can be customized and personalized by its builder to fit his or her style. Personal computers have long been customized for panache and for function. The personal fabricator can be a similar canvas for the inspired mind, as evidenced by the beautiful printer seen below.

This fabricator was built in gorgeous Steampunk style. Steampunk is an artistic image that developed in the late 20th century as an homage to the look and feel of Victorian era technology. Steampunk typically features classical materials like wood, iron, and polished brass. It views modern technology through the lens of a world powered by steam and built by hand. This personal fabricator, made of dark wood and gold metal, fits beautifully into that Steampunk perspective. It was built by Jeff Lipton.