Getting People to Use the Forum

Waldo - Posted on 06 December 2010

How can we get more people to use the forum? It is currently in a vicious cycle of no one using because no one else is using it. Here are some ideas, but please add more to the list:

Have some sort of new member forum, where new members can introduce themselves.

Have some sort of reminder to post on the forum if some user does not log on for a set amount of time. One of the forums that I use sends me an email every three months or so basically telling me to return to the forum. If there was some way to turn it off, and it was an opt in service, I think at least some users would log on more because of it.

Have some way to have one's profile automatically sign one up to follow every thread that one posts on.

Have some easy way to follow any thread without posting on it.

Have some easy way to get to the forum from the front page.