Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Involved

If you are a hobbyist interested in printing three-dimensional static and dynamic objects using a variety of inexpensive materials, then you should consider the Fab@Home. The Fab@Home can also be used in kitchens to print custom objects and toppings out of cheese, icing, and chocolate.

The Fab@Home can help teach students about the practical implications of engineering, and encourage them to investigate further. Not everybody loves math and science, but nearly everybody loves to eat custom-designed chocolate shapes. The Fab@Home has been used for high school science project.

Biological scientists have also used the printer in their experiments.

Of course! If you have a suggestion for a new project, say so on the forum page. If you have a suggestion or idea for an existing project, add your two-cents on the appropriate page in the forum.

Sign up! Pick a project or suggest a new one on the appropriate forum. You can also send us an email at GetInvolved@FabatHome.org.